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Mitra NaeimiFounder & Director of Operations

Mitra has focused her 20-year career on delivering and marketing technology to consumers at some of the largest Internet and media companies. As Director of product management at AOL, she headed the teams that developed key personalization products for AOL, Netscape and Time Warner properties. Following that, she spent several years at Yahoo leading the Yahoo Alerts property and Sponsored Search products. She was responsible for creating an open Alerts platform that was embraced by the blogging community resulting in organic growth to over 20 Million users, delivering over 50 million weekly alerts to consumer devices. She led several key Search advertising products that resulted in signi´Čücant increase in revenues for Yahoo and its partners. Most recently, she was the Director of Advertising and Merchandising at Rearden Commerce, where she headed the monetization strategies for the company and spear headed the creation of the analytics and advertising teams and products.