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TAGcelerate Tag Acceleration and UNIVERSE Tag Pricing

Monthly Impressions (*) TAGcelerate Tag Accelerator (**) UNIVERSE Container Tag
1-25 M $0.06 FREE
25-50 M $0.05 FREE
50-100 M $0.045 FREE
100-200 M $0.04 FREE
>200 M $0.035 FREE

(*) Monthly Tracking Tag Impressions
(**) Price Per Thousand 3rd Party Tag Impressions
DISCLAIMER: Pricing subject to change without notification.

Example: Site has 70M 3rd Party tag impressions last month. The fee is 24M*$0.06 + 25M*$0.05 + 20M*$0.045 = $3,590.

Pricing is based not on page views. It is based on downstream Ad and Tracking tag executions that they generate. For example, a page with 4 Ad tags and 2 Tracking tags would result in 6 tag hits.

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